Plumbing Services in Cape Town

Certificates of compliance: Buying or selling a home? We will ensure that your existing plumbing conforms with all plumbing & building regulations. We inspect the water meter, that the geyser is installed according to SANS 10254 & check that there is no ingress between sewage & storm water.

Burst/leaking pipes: We carry equipment that will quickly diagnose the source of the leak & we also perform pressure tests after diagnosis, thus ensuring your reticulation system is water tight.

These are a few basic services:

Geyser Replacements

Geysers can be extremely dangerous if not installed properly. I install all types of geysers as well as replacements and burst or leaking geysers.

Here are some replacements codes:
Plumbing Services Cape Town 100l
Plumbing Services Cape Town 150l
Plumbing Services Cape Town 200l

Geyser Maintenance

In order to prolong the lifespan of the geyser, it is advisable to have the geyser serviced every three to four years.
bob the plumber Element
plumbers cape town Thermostat
Plumbers South Africa Thermostat + element
Plumbing services Cape Town Kwikflo or master flow


I complete plumbing for bathrooms, showers, toilets, basins and kitchen sinks, dishwashers and washing machines. I change washers and fix burst pipes!

Blocked Drains

Clearing of blocked drains, overflowing manholes and gulleys are mostly always caused by blocked pipes and sewer lines.

I am able to trace point of blockage, clean and clear blockages and repair any damage to ensure proper drainage is once again established.

Solar Panels

I am a registered solar installer and I am water wise. Whether you wish to install a grey water system, heat pump or go solar, I am willing to help.
Emergency plumbers cape town 150l thermosyphic solar geyserconversion
Plumbing in Cape Town 150l thermosyphonic panel and geyser installation
plumber cape town 150l Computer/photovoltaic controlled installation